Deleaker Add-in for Visual C++

Deleaker Add-in for Visual C++ 3.0.10

Track difficult-to-find GDI resource leaks

Deleaker is designed for software developers

Deleaker is a useful extension for Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013 that helps you to analyze programming errors, many of which are unique to Visual C++. Deleaker is a great tool for Visual C++ developers who occasionally have trouble detecting resource leaks and debugging their applications. With Deleaker, you can detect and localize resource leaks in memory, GDI and USER objects, handles, with no appreciable slow down to your application.

Debugging has always been a headache for program developers. As bugs go, some of the most difficult to find are leaks, especially in graphics device interface (GDI) objects and menus. Even a small leak can drown the ship of your system's performance. You cannot afford to miss even a single one.

Deleaker is an effective solution to this problem. First, it provides you with information on all GDI objects created while your application is running. For almost all of these objects, you will get a full stack, which helps you to see where exactly in the source code each GDI object was created. A simple double click on the stack entry and the editor will open the file with source code at the corresponding line. Next comes the most important point: when your application exits, Deleaker will provide you with a list of GDI objects that were created but that were not deleted.

Plenty of tools exist to help track down memory leaks, but there are very few good tools to help track GDI resource leaks that can ruin performance on any Windows operating system. And all of them have one major problem, they tremendously slow down the performance of your application. Deleaker is tightly integrated into the Visual Studio development environment and you can be sure that it will not affect the speed of your application. Leaks are possible, even in robust Windows-based applications. Deleaker will find them for you.

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Deleaker Add-in for Visual C++


Deleaker Add-in for Visual C++ 3.0.10

User reviews about Deleaker Add-in for Visual C++

  • mastavalons52091112

    by mastavalons52091112

    "very good"

    Deleaker helped me very much! It was the first tool I have used. Thanks to the developers. Good luck!.   More.

  • JohnDepth

    by JohnDepth

    "My mind"

    Excellent tool for debugging I like it )))) Similar to valgrind and VLD....... Work fast. S...   More.

  • Mastavalons

    by Mastavalons

    "Recall about debugging"

    I recall that this plugin is useful not only to correct memory leaks, but also for debugging. Thanks..   More.